Monday, 25 March 2013

Justin Bieber Looking Sad or Tired??

Justin Bieber new pic via Instagram, No Caption!
May be he tired with 19 hours bus ride in Europe.....


  1. Oh sorry buddy i know how it is drive so long in the bus been there done it. Hang in there Justin you got your beliebers behind you included my pretty daughter the biggest fan. Pease out.

  2. Hey Justin Bieber You're bored from having jet lag on top of a long bus ride. Get plenty of R+R while u can now, dude.. u got Believers + MusicLovers waiting for ur AMAZING Performance dude DONT WORRY about the Media or Papparazzi JB.. they are going to say or print whatever they want cuz they have NO LIFE to make their own $$$$ on their own name..... so they have to make $$$ off others who DO have a LIFE ~ Own Name = FAME I only say this in case it might bother u... a bit cuz your bored + very young + can't understand WHY??? these so-called CHILDESS-adults act in this INCONSIDERATE Behavior hahaha That's why u are MORE a man in this Messed up adult World of bullying + Disrespect... Aye JB.. u just KEEP on doing what u do BEST.. + that is to MAKE Others BELIEVE... the World CAN CHANGE for the BETTER cuz u have an AMAZING HEART of GOLD + UNBELIEVABLE Young TALENTED Artist JB <3 We LuvYa Ninja buddy JB <3 Gayle aka ~~FriedRice~~ ;)*