Sunday, 24 June 2012

Justin Bieber Answering His Fans at Youtube New York

Justin Bieber answering his Fans question at Youtube in New York on 
Late Night's show which is hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Justin Bieber Live with FANS on Tinychat

Justin Bieber surprising his FANS on Tinychat.  Check out in this video:

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Justin Bieber Talks about Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and His Mom (Pattie) on FUSE

Justin Bieber talking with FUSE about his work with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne 
on his new album "Believe". He also talked about Michael Jackson Collaboration.

Justin Bieber also talked about his Mom "Pattie Mallette" in this interview.
                  Watch in this video.....

What is Mean of SWAG??? According to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber tells on that what is mean of Swag and how to get your Swag on??

Justin Bieber:

What is Swag?
“its just about being yourself, you dont have to do anything special, just be yourself.”

How can I achieve Bieber swag?
“I dont think you want my swag, you want your own swag. Everybody should be an individual be themselves, and not somebody else.”

Friday, 22 June 2012

Justin Bieber with Jimmy Fallon - Late Night

Check out, Justin Bieber vs Jimmy Fallon on Late Night.

Justin Bieber New Believe Tattoo on his Left Arm

Justin Bieber's New BELIEVE tattoo spotted in his left arm.

Justin Bieber New Interview on David Letterman's Show

Justin Bieber another new interview with David Letterman on June 21,  2012.
Here Justin Bieber talked about many issues, like singing opera, his new Believe 
tattoo, graduating from high school and celebrating his 18th Birthday and more.
Check out all about it in this video above:

Justin Bieber Talking to MSN about BELIEVE

Justin Bieber talking exclusively to MSN about his newest album "Believe".

Thursday, 21 June 2012

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Performing "Die In Your Arms" on Bieber Live

Justin Bieber another live performance of his hit song Die In Your Arms on Bieber Live,
MTV News during promoting his new album Believe, Check out this performance below:

Justin Bieber Meets With FANS Outside The "Late Show" (Awesome Photosss)

Justin Bieber meeting with Fans outside the "Late Show with David Letterman"
on June 20th, 2012 in New York City.

  Check out more Awesome Photos Below:

Justin Bieber in Toronto, Canada (Awesome Photos)

All Awesome Photos of Justin Bieber, when he was out side in his 
hometown Toronto, Canada. Check out more photos below:

Justin Bieber's Exclusive Interview With NRJ

Justin Bieber's new exclusive interview with NRJ. Check out this new interview above.

These questions asked from Justin Bieber in his Interview.
Translated from French to English:
1- Are you ready/exited to meet your fans on scene ?
2- what have you planned for the NRJ Music tour?
3- Your new single 'Boyfriend"... A new subject for you?
4-Your last two albums are different... this album more mature?
5- Some new collaborations?
6- You worked with Usher?
7- A typical Justin Bieber day?
8-Do you still have dreams?

Justin Bieber's "All Around The World" NBC Special, (In All 6 Parts)

Here we are creating Awesome Collection of Justin Bieber's All Around The World 
NBC Special in all Six (6 Parts). Check out these all parts below and enjoy it.....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Justin Bieber Live Singing "Die In Your Arms" on - The View

Justin Bieber live performing his hit song "Die In Your Arms" on The View after 
declaring his new album Believe in New York City. Sorry for bad quality of  video.

   Watch also Justin Bieber Live Boyfriend performance on The View:

Justin Bieber Live Performing "BOYFRIEND" on The View

As we know that, Justin Bieber is so busy in declaring his new Album "BELIEVE"
on yesterday June 19, 2012  in New York City.  Here Justin Bieber receiveed his 
Proclamation on "Justin Bieber Day" on album declaring day. Justin Bieber also gave 
the interview for The View. He live sang for his appearance Beliebers on The View. 
Check out Live Performance of BOYFRIEND above:

Justin Bieber Receiving Proclamation on "Justin Bieber Day"

Justin Bieber receiving Proclamation declaring on June 19, 2012 on "Justin Bieber Day"
at J&R Music and Computer World on June 19th in New York City.

       Check out more Photos below:

NBC Special "All Around The World" on this Wednesday & Thursday

On this Wednesday and Thursday June 20 & 21 from 8pm - 9pm each night you can
watch 2 parts of NBC special "All Around The World". In this show NBC will also take 
you Behind the Scenes of Justin Bieber's World Wide promo of album BELIEVE.
So Don't Missed out.

Justin Bieber J&R Album Singing Event (Video)

Justin Bieber talked with fans and met with all Beliebers in this J&R Album singing event.
This event honored by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer at J&R Music
 on June 19, 2012.  Watch this J&R album singing event video above:

Justin Bieber's "Hey Girl" Lyrics + Video

Check out Justin Bieber's "Hey Girl" Video above, and Lyrics below:

“Hey Girl” LYRICS

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Smoking on the beat, with my backpack on
And my snapback on, with the rap back on, uhuh
Beautiful girls wearing high heels
Asking how I feel, I feel I, uhuh

That’s when you walk by
I’m like damn you fly,
And I was like uhuh
You ask me where I’m from
And I say C-C-C-anada, uhuh

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"BELIEVE" Reached no 1 Position in More Than 26 Countries

Beliebers, now wait is over Justin Bieber's new album "Believe" has been
come out in almost all over the World. And Believe album got number 1 
position in more than 26 countries Including the UK, the USA, Australia, 
Argentina, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, 
Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Brazil, France, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, 
Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, 
Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Slovenia and Venezuela!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Justin Bieber Live Performance at 2012 MMVAs (Photo Gallery)

Justin Bieber live performing at the Music Much Video Awards (MMVAs)
at Toronto on June 17, 2012. Justin Bieber Looking HOT in red pant,
red jacket and white t-shirt during this live performance at MMVAs.

     Check out Live Performance Photo Gallery:

Justin Bieber Message to UK Fans - Believe Come Out

Wait is over, Justin Bieber's new message for UK Beliebers that Believe come out now.

Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen MMVAs Winners

Justin Bieber won MMVAs. He accepts his award for best international video 
of the year 2012  by a Canadian during the Much Music Video Awards 
in Toronto June 17, 2012. Justin won 2 awards.

Check out more photos below.....

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Justin Bieber Live Singing "BABY" at Avon Theatre

Justin Bieber live singing his hit song "BABY" in steps of the Avon Theatre 
between audience or fans in his home-town Stratford, Ontario on June 16, 2012.

Here we are sharing the Photos and Videos of Justin Bieber's live singing Baby 
at Avon Theatre. Check out these Photos & Videos below:

Big Poster of "BELIEVE" at Omotesando Avenue in Tokyo , Japan

A big poster of Justin Bieber's new album "Believe" at Omotesando Avenue in Tokyo, Japan.
And Believe came out in Japan on this week, June 13.....

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Leaving Toronto, Canada

PHOTOS:  Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Leaving Toronto, Canada. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Justin Bieber With FANS at New York City *PHOTOS*

Photos of Justin Bieber when he was meeting with his Beliebers at NYC.
Check out more photos below.

Ludacris Collaboration with Justin's album BELIEVE

Ludacris announced about his collaboration with Justin Bieber's new album Believe.

Making of Believe Webisode - Dance Rehearsals

Gonna drop a webisode everyday for the making of BELIEVE until the 
album drops next week on JUNE 19th, Here is a Dance Rehearsals for 
the Around the World Promo Tour.....

Countdown to the Album "BELIEVE"

Are you excited about BELIEVE.....???

Justin Bieber's Interview with his Wife (Avalanna) on Today Show

Justin Bieber and Mrs. Bieber (Avalanna) Interview on the Today Show.

                 Watch the Cute Couple interview:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Justin Bieber Receiving Recognition for Selling 500,000 Music Catalog in Mexico

Universal Music representing are handling a Justin Bieber recognition for 
more than 500,000 sold copies of his catalog solo in Mexico City during a 
press conference at  W Hotel – Mexico City on June 11, 2012.
Here Justin Bieber holding a recognition award for more than 500,000 
sold copies of his catalog only in Mexico, Check out more photos below:

Justin Bieber's MARIA Lyrics and Audio

Here we are uploading Justin Bieber's new song "MARIA" Lyrics from his 
new album "Believe". Check out this new Lyrics on one click.

Justin Bieber - MARIA Lyrics:

She says she met me on a tour
She keeps knocking on my door, she won’t leave me
Leave me alone 
This girl she wouldn’t stop, almost had to call the cops

She was scheming, ooh, she was wrong

Cause she wanted all my attention
And she was dragging my name through the dirt
She was dying for my affection
But she keep making up and give it to ‘em

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at The Alliance For Children's Right Event

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at The Alliance Children's Rights event on June 12.

All Songs Reviews From Justin Bieber's "BELIEVE"

Check out Justin Bieber's all new fourteen songs reviews from his new album Believe:

01. All Around The World ft. Ludacris – Breathy vocals swirl around a beat that pierces the listener on first contact. Ludacris wraps in double-time as the album’s electronica obsession is immediately presented.

02. Boyfriend - One swaggy single to rule them all: Justin softly offers fondue recommendations and Buzz Lightyear metaphors on top of Mike Posner’s loopy production. What shouldn’t be one of the year’s strongest singles most certainly is.

03. As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean - A massive yet somehow intimate dance track, with the drums almost reaching hair metal levels in their vibrations. The Biebs handles his business, but Big Sean’s verse probably isn’t necessary.

04. Catching Feelings - Flush with guitar and drums, “Catching Feelings” is a showcase for Bieber’s blossoming voice to emote about butterflies in his stomach. “Could it be a possibility?/I’m tryin’ to see what’s up,” he sings, the lines feeling like wind through the listener’s hair.

Justin Bieber on Fabulous Magazine Cover

Justin Bieber's photo will be issued on Fabulous Magazine Cover 
on coming Sunday,June 17 2012. On Sunday Justin Bieber give 
interview his new interview for Fabulous Magazine

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Justin Bieber's BELIEVE Press Conference at Mexico (Photos+Video)

Justin Bieber's new Believe press conference before his concert at
Zocalo square in Mexico City on June 11, 2012.

Here we are uploading Justin Bieber's all Photos and video from
Justin Bieber's Believe press conference.

         Check out these all photos below:

Justin Bieber's New Video Message for FANS - Backstage in Mexico

Watch the Video: Justin Bieber thank you video message for his Beliebers, 
before he Performing in Mexico City.

         Justin Bieber:
“I shot this on my phone backstage in Mexico City before 
the show tonight. Put on a free show and 300,000 people 
showed up. Alot of emotions but just wanted to say 
I wouldnt be here without all of your support. 
Wanted you to know how I feel. Thanks for everything 
I hope you chase every dream as you are helping me 
live mine every day. thank you.”

Justin Bieber Performs at Zocalo Square Mexico City Concert (Photo Gallery)

Here we are uploading almost all photos of Justin Bieber, when he was
Live performing at Zocalo Square Mexico City Concert. Justin Bieber
started this concert performing with his hit song "Baby", All Mexico 
Belieber who were present in this concert, they were singing along with
Justin Bieber and shouted Justin, Justin, Justin...... 

In Mexico city concert Justin Bieber performing in front of almost 300,000 
Beliebers. Here Justin was looking very HOT in white jeans, gray t-shirt,
he also used another white t-shirt and wearing Yellow tennis shoes......

       Justin Bieber told about Mexico crowd:

“Mexico City, there is a lot of people today! 
Every one of you is my biggest fan”

             Check out all photos below:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Justin Bieber Live Singing "Die In Your Arms" at Summertime Ball 2012

Justin Bieber live performing his new song "Die In Your Arms" at Capital FM 
Summertime Ball 2012.

Watch also Justin's All Around The World Live Performance.

Justin Bieber Live Performing "All Around The World" at Summertime Ball 2012

Justin Bieber live performing "All around the World" at Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012.

Justin Bieber Shopping Bagpack at MCM Store in London

Justin Bieber visited MCM store for buying Bagpack in London. 
Because MCM's store manager invited him for private shopping session 
in his store. The MCM's manager is very happy for Justin Bieber 
shoppingin his store, here he showed him all latest collection of bagpack.

        Check out more shopping photos below:

Justin Bieber's New Interview with Zeca Camargo on "Fantastico"

Justin Bieber's new interview with Zeca Camargo, this interview showed
on the Brazilian TV program, Fantastico. Don't missed out....

Watch the interview below:

Justin Bieber & Jazzy Singing BOYFRIEND

Check out in this clip, Justin Bieber and his lil sister Jazmyn Bieber singing Boyfriend on the plane.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Justin Bieber's BELIEVE Album - All Songs Preview

Check out Justin Bieber's Believe album all songs preview.


1. All Around The World feat. Ludacris
2. Boyfriend
3. As Long As You Love Me feat. Big Sean
4. Take you
5. Right Here feat. Drake
6. Catching Feelings
7. Fall
8. Die In Your Arms
9. Thought Of You
10. Beauty And A Beat feat. Nicki Minaj
11. One Love
12. Be Alright
13. Believe
14. Out Of Town Girl
15. She Don’t Like The Lights
16. Maria

Justin Bieber Spain Tour 2012 - All Photos & Video

Here we are uploading all photos and video of Justin Bieber, When he was
at Spain during his World tour 2012.

          Check out these all photos below....

Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Jepsen Performing "Call Me Maybe" LIVE at Capital FM

Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber performing carly's hit song "Call Me Maybe
Live on Capital FM Summer Time Ball 2012, Wembley Stadium at London, UK.

         Check out this video: