Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Justin Bieber's New Video Message for FANS - Backstage in Mexico

Watch the Video: Justin Bieber thank you video message for his Beliebers, 
before he Performing in Mexico City.

         Justin Bieber:
“I shot this on my phone backstage in Mexico City before 
the show tonight. Put on a free show and 300,000 people 
showed up. Alot of emotions but just wanted to say 
I wouldnt be here without all of your support. 
Wanted you to know how I feel. Thanks for everything 
I hope you chase every dream as you are helping me 
live mine every day. thank you.”

1 comment:

  1. Dear Justin, Just By Watching This Video Made Me Cry happy Tears. Just Knowing That You Know How Much We (ALl your fans) love you. Every Day I AM Sitting On the Computer Listing To Your music. Everyday im listing to Boyfriend and baby and die in your arms. (Best songs ever BTW) I Love You So much you just have no idea how much you inspire me to sing music. Everyday im singing and i wish and hope that u will see my music videos on Youtube (jazzyparker98) and watch and hear me sing. I Love you more than I love life itself! you are my True Friend! and My Husband xD Lol. Justin I Look up to u like theres no tomorrow. I love you. and i hope you keep up the great work. Im proud. You should make a Youtube video for me (my name is Jazsmine Nicole Parker) i am 13 and i AM YOUR NUMBER ONE BIGGEST FAN! <3