Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Making Love

Some rumors spread about Justin Bieber
and Selena Gomez, that they making love,
but Selena Gomez Deleted the photo from
Selena Gomez's instagram,
And they disagree about this rumor and their
romance and making this love....

From Kidrauhlforall:
Selena Gomez posted on instigram and Deleted it, "Love holding hands with my Baby"

Now what your idea about this romantic photos....

Real OR Fake ???
What will you say about this romantic photos......


  1. i know we are all gigantic beliebers her but...... i think that if they did this it should be thier buisness and not ours. i know this makes them feel wierd cause i wouldnt want to let anyone know about me and my boyfriend that way. i am not being mean but if you dont want justin and selena hate you then just leave their buisness to them. i am saying this cause you want justin and selena to know that thier beliebers and selenators love them and not want people to know about thier love life. its not fake but it is none of our buisnesses why dont we just erase this from our minds and take this off of the internet please. iknow he loves us. but do we want him to love us forever and not start hating us. i care for justin, but i dont want to know about his love life. so please do this for them. they would thank you. i know they will. i hope you care enough about our man to take this off of the internet. if you dont that means you are not real beliebers. just think about it and choose hater or belieber.

    p.s. justin and selena would appreciate you if you do this for them.

  2. In video nothing Like us he said u know I'm use to making your day and bounced up and down