Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Justin Bieber Signed Car Sold for $ 40,000

Few days ago Justin bieber signed a car. Which was looking great and amazing. Everyone wanted this car,
and want to drive with Justin bieber autograph. That's everyone can pay any cost for this Justin Bieber signed car. Someone is paying to $40,000 to drive along with Justin Bieber's autograph.

Now here you can see another photo of this car.

Are you Glum after listening this news....???


  1. WOW.. N I C E JB..... BTW.. U MISSED my Birthday January 7th JB.. hmmmmmmm I dont mind belated birthday gifts JB.. hahhahahhaa JK w/U JB!!! maybe.... NOT.. LOL AYE JB... U can sell cars w/ur autograph.. or U can try sell cars w/my signature.. if U like.. R I G H T... U WONT sell any that way.. hahah ahhaha But JB.. I bet U will be the TOP salesman!!! dont quit ur day job JB.. hahah ahahah Have a TERRIFIC Hump Day BEHAVING urself JB!!!! LOL <3 <3 PEACE.. SHaka= Hang Loose Gayle aka ~~FriedRice~~ :o) OH.. BTW.. what kind of outfit do U have on JB.. from just looking from the waist down.2 ur RED gymmies.. haha hahaha kinda looks like.. Somewhere over the Rainbow movie of the characters.. not saying which ones.. JK w/U JB.. Is that the new style in now... just wondering hahah ahhha NOT making fun of the NEW look in dress wear nowadays ... sorry.. Im just curious.. thats all.. LOL Gayle Tomita Phee :o)