Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reese Witherspoon Responds about Justin Bieber "Fear" Remake Rumor

                      Witherspoon actress was respond to Justin Bieber "Fear" Remaking rumors.
                      Recently she gave interview to MTV news where she responded to the rumor
                      floating around the internet, that Justin Bieber is interested in staring in a remake
                      of her 1996 movie "Fear".......

Witherspoon was Joking about this rumors:
"Oh really? Fine, Justin Bieber will actor with me, would he playing be me? and he is playing 
Mark Wahlberg? In this interview Reese Witherspoon said girl to Justin Bieber, She said, Is it 
Like a girl who disturb the family. Like stalker who can't leave him alone. She also said, That 
Would be good, right? I mean girls get crazy about him, Yeah he is very very talented"

She also said:
She went on to add, "You know I didn't know much about him until I saw the documentary. 
And I thought that was really really worthwhile, worth seeing and it made me think what a 
sweetheart and he has a really nice connection to his family. He's been working really hard, 
singing on the street."

Now what do you say about this matter...?
What will Justin Bieber answer....?

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