Monday, 23 January 2012

Jasmin Alvarez Blind Justin's Fan Dedicated song for Justin Bieber

Jasmin Alvarez is a Blind girl. But she very love with her dreamer boy Justin Bieber. Jasmin Alvarez can't see Justin bieber.  But she most like Justin. Jasmin Alvarez is the biggest fan of Justin Bieber.  Jasmin want to meets her dreamer boy. That why she sang a beautiful song forJustin Bieber. In starting of this song Jasmin said Justin Bieber this song only for you. 

Justin Bieber also like his crazy blind fan "Jasmin Alvarez" and her voice. After this video Justin Bieber could not help meet to his blind fan Jasmin Alvarez. Justin Bieber intended to meet with his blind fan Jasmin.
He meet her, Jasmin was very excited and ver happy. When did she meet Justin Bieber.

Now here we uploading this dedicated song video,
Which Jasmin Alvarez sang for Justin Bieber.

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