Friday, 20 January 2012

Justin Bieber New Lower-Leg Jesus Tattoo

Pop star Justin Bieber recently toured with
his father and his friends in Mexico.....
Where showing the Justin Bieber new lower-leg tattoo. When Justin Bieber was coming in Sherman Oak with his friends and also his some friends.... Some experts totally shocked after seeing this tattoo.  and they gave many ideas for this tattoo. According to Mercury news this is a Jesus tattoo. Some expertsare saying this is the piece of software associated, But it is Jesus associated identify .

Here we are uploading some photos,
When Justin Bieber toured Sherman Oak.
And there we saw this sign .......

This is the Justin Bieber's Jesus tattoo of 2012.....
Now what are you say about this tattoo and this news.
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  1. it is toooo looks nice on JB .,.,,,. .
    I Like my tatttooooo boy . :-)