Monday, 16 January 2012

Selena Gomez and her Favorite Puppy (Baylor)

Selena Gomez have a good puppy, 
Selena Gomez spends the most time
with her puppy "Baylor"....
Who is a good friend of Selena Gomez..
Who she said is her a Best Friend........
Selena Gomez very love with her puppy,
She call her puppy is a name of Baylor...
Baylor looks very good and happy with
Selena and Baylor (Puppy) also love to
Selena Gomez.The Selena and his Baylor
always live together. They are best friends
ever and enjoy each other's......

                                           Selena Gomez and her most favorite puppy "Baylor"

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