Monday, 23 January 2012

Justin Bieber to Star in "Fear" Remake (Spread Rumor)

Some rumors have been spread in internet. that Justin Bieber want to star in a remake of movie "Fear".
According to Justin Bieber is looking to star in remaking of 1996 movie Fear. This original 
movie Fear 1996 starred Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon wasalso R.rated reportedly.

According to over rumors film ideas, n this movie Justin Bieber will Role model character ultimate of Mark Wahlberg. This source is also said that any potential would be toned down to a  PG 13 rating.

In this move Mark Wahlberg done many dark characters, like rapes the girl, beats himself up, beheads a filmy pet. carves the tattoos in his own skin. performed a sexual performing in a roller coaster, killed many people,
one man and others man shooting in this move, This was some dark character of Mark Wahlberg.

Do you think that Justin Bieber easily perform this all dark characters .....???
Would you all like Justin bieber in a dark role.....???
Writes your ideas about Justin bieber's dark roles......


  1. Hell No, My Baby shouldn't be in a movie where he Rapes a Bitch I mean He can't rape anyone cause they would like it but still No !!

  2. He can't do that it's so dark and viciuos besides he is too young..........

  3. Actually, I'd like to see it. It'd be a good change from what he normally does. Let him spread his wings, try new things, no?

  4. You guys are crazy?! Have you seen the original "Fear"? Mark was so fucking hot, i couldn't believe it. If justin is in a remake.. then hell yeah good for him.

  5. no he shouldnt, mark was so hot and he fits the character well, justin on the other hand.. dosent