Sunday, 15 January 2012

Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Kenney Hamilton Having Surgery

Justin Bieber's bodyguard Kenny Hamilton
having surgery due to unspecified problems.
Kenny Halmilton Egypt is suffering of illness,
Justin Bieber worry about Kenny Hamilton,
Because he is a best bodyguard ever......
Justin Bieber's request about him,
Please all my fans pray for Kenny Hamilton.

Kenny Hamilton has left a important message
on twiter.....
KennyHamilton Tweeted: 
I,m not going anywhere, Won't worry, just
having some personal time to handle somethings.
I will be back soon..

This was good news for Justin Bieber  by his
Bodyguard Kenny Hamilton.....


  1. Im glade to hr that hes okay it would be a very very sad time for Justin and us Beliebers if he wasnt okay glade he is tho

  2. Dear Kenny,
    I hope the surgery goes well
    One of Justin Bieber Fan!!