Saturday, 21 January 2012

British Band invites Justin Bieber to London for His 18th Birthday

Justin bieber turn 18 year in March 2012. And British Band show their will to Justin Bieber
that Justin Bieber came in London and Celebrate his birthday with us.British Band name
is THE WANTED. And The Wanted have big plans to Celebrate Justin Bieber's Birthday. 

One Band's person McGuiness said in Magazine that We want to special bond with Justin Bieber.
And McGuiness also said in this Magazine, we all Band people love and like of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber performed with British Band "The Wanted" last November at the Westfield Shopping
Centre in London. This was the Best performance of Justin bieber and British Band "The Wanted".
They performed good performance with Justin Bieber....

This is another Justin Bieber and The Wanted Band photo...

What do you think about this invitation....?
Justin Bieber accept this invitation Or Not...?

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