Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Justin Bieber Confirmed to Host SNL (Saturday Night Live) from 2012

Justin Bieber confirmed to host for SNL (Saturday Night Live) from this year 2012. According to Alec Baldwin, Justin Bieber is going to host Saturday Night Live in this year 2012.
It's looks like a Justin Bieber will be performing host of  comedy sketch show (Saturday Night Live) in this year. This show's producer Lorne Michaels, actor and former host Alec Baldwin let it slip and Justin Bieber will host this show SNL sometime in 2012.

“The biggest names in the business are coming,”  Baldwin says during the podcast, just before he reads off a list of names that includes Ben Stiller,  Melissa McCarthy,  Katy Perry,  Jimmy Fallon,  Jonah Hill,  and Justin Bieber, adding that Bieber is confirmed as the musical guest and host.

Lets see, Justin Bieber is confirmed to host or not of this show.
If it is true, so then Justin Bieber will be hosting first time of any show.

Are you excited about this news....?

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  1. He is hosting this Saturday Night February 4, 2012 !!!!! Wooo hooo can't wait to watch it