Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Justin Bieber Performs at Zocalo Square Mexico City Concert (Photo Gallery)

Here we are uploading almost all photos of Justin Bieber, when he was
Live performing at Zocalo Square Mexico City Concert. Justin Bieber
started this concert performing with his hit song "Baby", All Mexico 
Belieber who were present in this concert, they were singing along with
Justin Bieber and shouted Justin, Justin, Justin...... 

In Mexico city concert Justin Bieber performing in front of almost 300,000 
Beliebers. Here Justin was looking very HOT in white jeans, gray t-shirt,
he also used another white t-shirt and wearing Yellow tennis shoes......

       Justin Bieber told about Mexico crowd:

“Mexico City, there is a lot of people today! 
Every one of you is my biggest fan”

             Check out all photos below:

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  1. I went to a JB concert last summer, and i do have to admit that i probably will never forget it:) His tickets were cheap … me and my best friend lost alot of sleep the night before in anticipation of it:)