Sunday, 20 November 2011

Justin, Ryan, Chaz and Cristian gathering photos

Justin, Ryan, Chaz and Cristian Gathering some photos

Now here some photos of Justin , Ryan ,
Chaz and Christian.
Justin full name is Justin Bieber, Ryan full name is 
Ryan Butler, and Chaz full name is Chaz somers
and Cristian is Christian Beadles.
They are good friends ever,
Justin and Christian did mostly play chess. 
Justin and ryan mostly going to outside and
They had done shopping different mall.
Justin and Chaz had done funny deeds every were.
After seeing these photos, write your comment about 
these some photos.

Best friends ever. (Old pic)

Doing funny deeds in this pic.

They are in pool and give poses for take a photo.

Another pic when they do fun.

They are standing in pool with another friends.

They are standing and give a pose.

This is new pic. in this pic they are looking awesome.

That's called Best Friends Forever.

Now What do you say about these friendship,
You can also submit your comments here.

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