Thursday, 17 November 2011

Justin's "My World" Second Anniversary *Celebrations*

Today is MY WORLD's second anniversary

     Album Detail      

Name:                        My World
   Artist:                        Justin  Bieber
      Rank:                       In 5 (+1) history
           Released Date:        17 November 2009
Record:                             Island

Today is MY WORLD second anniversary. This is most popular album of it's era. MY WORLD album is released by  Canadian singer Justin Bieber. This album released on 17 November 2009. My world record in Island. Justin Bieber had worked very hard for this album.
This album as many hit songs Like, One time, one less lonely Girl, and Love me...
MY World EP was the First Album of Justin bieber or you can say, this was the first step of justin bieber's Fame,
after this album justin has become a Teenage Dream of every Teen Girl
Boom! a name everywhere Justin Bieber, and Die hard fan of justin's also get an name for
following justin "Belieber" was the name which given to the fans like us and you..

As in Celebration support (My world) as much you can
buy the album if you didn't buy it yet.
or singles from itune..

Every One "Happy MY World" Day..
celebrate with us Now..

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