Thursday, 1 December 2011

Justin Bieber and Mary J.Blige sing "Mistletoe" live on the view

Justin Bieber and Mary J.Blige sing "Mistletoe"
live on "The View",  November 23, 2011.
Justin Bieber give guest performance 
on "The View"

Here we upload some photos, when they are
giving performance together. and 
last we also upload performance video,

Now In starting Justin Bieber is
singing alone then suddenly Justin calling to
 Mary J.Blige, Then Mary J.blige 
came and join, then they sing togther.
Every fans feel very happy, when Mary is came.
And enjoy the Mistletoe song,

After finishing song, Justin Bieber talked in 
program on "The View".
and the host of the program discuss Justin 
to all about him and they also discuss about 
his new album Under The Mistletoe.
Then they also discuss his girlfriend 
Selena Gomez and asked more question 
to Justin Bieber.

These all photos of Justin Bieber and Mary, 
When Justin bieber and Mary J.Blige 
gave guest performancein this show. 

Now here we upload this video,
Check out this Justin and Mary performance.
When Justin and Mary sing Mistletoe live
on The View.

Now what will you say about this singing,
You can also writes your comments here,

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