Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Justin Bieber visits Selena Gomez and her Mother in Hospital

Justin Bieber made a tour in the hospital
to visits his beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez
and her Mother in the hospital due to some
problems, Justin Bieber has this visited on
December 20, 2011

Selena's mother admit in hospital after
suffered miscarriage, and she was not
feeling well, that's why she contact in
the hospital.

Justin Bieber has gone to console his
girlfriend's  mother....

Here we are uploading some photo,
when justin bieber visited to hospital.

Now Check out this new visiting photos.....


  1. ke dolce k è preoccuparsi x loro e andarle a trovare in ospedale <3 :)

  2. hate selena so much, justin is to good for her.

  3. aweee POOR Slena i feel sooo bad for her at least Justin is a good bf and helped her thru ihtt ... and i really sure do DISLIKEE Selena and justin Hataz

  4. What ever makes Justin happy make me happy :)