Sunday, 8 April 2012

Justin Bieber's Perfume "SOMEDAY" Launch at Australia

Good news for Australians Beliebers. Justin Bieber's perfumes
"SOMEDAY" is now available in Australia. SOMEDAY perfume 
is also available as a fruity, gourmand blend. When it was released 
in America, that's time SOMEDAY's fragrance earned $3 millions 
in first three weeks, now everyone predicting that Australian sales
will be high. 

SOMEDAY perfumes are now available at Myer in Australia. 
Here you can purchased playful fragrance of SOMEDAY's
perfumes for $AUS79 per 100ml or $AUS59 per 50ml. 
A body lotion and hair mist can also be purchased 
exclusive at Myer in Australia.......

Do you want SOMEDAY Perfume.....???

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