Sunday, 1 April 2012

Justin Bieber's Personal Message For UK Fans on Capital FM

Some days ago Justin Bieber gave his personal message
to UK Beliebers on 95-106 Capital FM.
Capital FM which is a UK's no 1 hit music radio channel.
With the help of Capital FM Justin Bieber talked to his
UK's Beliebers.You can check in this video,
What did Justin say in his personal message......

Here we are uploading personal message video...
When Justin Bieber was talking to his UK's Fans.
Check out, What did Justin Bieber say to his UK's Fans.


  1. I love you to Justin I love you so much I can't wait till your in the uk again and I'm your biggest fan ever xxxxxxxx

  2. Also Justin say happy birthday to your mom from me xxxxxx love you lots Justin you are the best I am a belieber and will be for ever! Xxxxxxxxx