Thursday, 15 March 2012

Austin Mahone and His Friends Re-make Justin Bieber's Song "Call Me Maybe"

Austin Mahone and his many friends re-make Justin Bieber's
song "Call Me Maybe" video.

Austin Mahone, Alex Constancio, Robert V, Zach Dorsey, Lil Tylert, 
Connor House, Frankie Roth, Jackie Valdez, Ivan B and Reagan 
Roswell  all doing a re-make to Justin Bieber’s “call me maybe” 
music video. They done totally same deeds in video as original
Justin Bieber's music video. 

Now here we are uploading re-make music video of "Call Me Maybe".
Check out this video below.

Check Justin Bieber's Version of "Call Me Maybe"

Now what would you say about this re-make music video
After watching it....???

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  1. COOOOl yup im not anonymous im Jennifer Bristow