Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Justin Bieber is Still Finding for his Dream House

Justin Bieber is still looking for his dream house in LA,
Some days ago, Rumors were spreading that, Justin Bieber
bought a Luxury house to Ashton Kutcher for $ 10.8 millions, 
And Ashton Kutcher is currently renting this house.

But according to Daily Mail and other source about this house, 
Justin’s buying the Ashton house for $10+ million. NOT TRUE.

TMZ broke the story … Justin was looking at the Ashton's 
home as well as two homes in Calabasas a suburb of L.A. 
but he hasn’t made an offer on anything yet.

In fact, Justin’s people said the Ashton house isn’t even the 
frontrunner.Justin has now looked three homes in Calabasas 
and he’s looked at two of them more than once, but he is still 
not prepared to make an offer on anything and is continuing
to look.

Two other points … Ashton Kutcher said he wants to buy the 
house he is currently renting. As for Justin, he is going on tour 
soon, so unless he finds the house he really wants … 
he may rent for a while.

Now What will you say about this news...?

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  1. I bet at least one crazy believer will break in xP