Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Katy Perry Wearing Justin Bieber's T-Shirt

Some days ago, Katy Perry wearing Justin Bieber's T-shirt.
Katy Perry also respects Justin Bieber, she has proved...
When she wear sleeveless t-shirt of Justin Bieber's cover 
"Rolling Stone", and she also in under casual grey hoodie 
and black trousers. She kept her look low key with a 
blue baseball cap pulled over her eyes, and sunglasses. 

Here we uploading another photos....
Check out these photos below....

What will you say about this photos....??
Katy Perry also a Belieber....??


  1. totallyyyyyy everyone inside is BELIEBER :)

  2. YES! another belieber!! (: <3 (: <3 (: <3

  3. just cuz someone is a blieber and is wearing a bieber shirt doesn't mean we can make fun of em i war bieber cloths and if i knew my pix were taken and put on all this random websites i would've taken a restraining order against who ever took the photo what is the meaning of this non sence??

  4. yhea and ...... another BELIEBER !!!! <3