Friday, 10 February 2012

A Girl gets Tattoo Tribute to Justin Bieber {Never Say Never}

Karolina gets a amazing Tattoo tribute to Justin Bieber.
By tattoo Karolina tribute to Justin Bieber's new Never
Say Never movie, which was released on February 11, 2011.
Karolina got writing this tattoo for anniversary of releasing
this amazing movie.

Now check out, what did Kalorina say about this tattoo....

                                  "Hi, I’m writing this because the anniversary of releasing 
                                   Never Say Never movie is coming and I really wanna 
                                   show our  hero Justin Bieber and our Beliebers Family 
                                   how I give a tribute to Never Say Never.This is my real 

                                   This is my blessing, my life, my belief, my everything!

                                   NSN forever and ever !




  1. this fan is crayzy
    i mean how she could do that it's amazing
    no one did that before :O :O
    she is a real beliber ;)

  2. I have One my too its JB forever!