Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy 18 Birthday - Justin Bieber

Today is date of March 01, 2012...
Every Justin Bieber's fans know that today is very big 
day of Justin Bieber life. Today is a Celebration day,
 because today Justin Bieber turns on 18 years.....

So we want to say Happy Birthday to Justin Bieber...
Justin Bieber is a most famous youngest Celebritry
in all world. 

We will want to say again Happy Birthday-Justin Bieber
by all his Beliebers...

Let's see,  Where will Justin Bieber Celebrate his
18 Birthday....

Now Beliebers writes your Comments about 18 Birthday.
What will you say for Justin Bieber's 18 birthday Celebration....???


  1. happy birthday justin bieber i love you <3

  2. Happy birthday justin i know i have already posted on other pages but thats ok because im trying to show you how much i love you and wish with all my heart that i can meet u in person for just once even if it was just for 1sec it would mean the worlddd to me. But im alright if i dont mean you in person because i know your in my heart and that is all that matters to me! I just want to wish you a happy birthday and ik it means that world to tou knowing you have loving fans like me out there celebrating your 18 th birthday with you eveb rhough we arent really next to you but you and i know that we are there in spirit with you! I love you so much and i canr believe how far you can in the music industries. On this everyday you were born... March 1st, 1994 in london ontario at 12:56 am in room 126 at st. Judes hospital ! I love you so much and again it would mean the world to me meeting you in person and i love justin !!!! I can even show you how much tht i love you !!! Love one of your number 1 fans Miranda<333