Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Justin's Fans Made New Version "Call Me Maybe" {Vidoe And More}

Justin Bieber's fans made new version of Justin's new
song "Call Me Maybe". Justin Biber's fans made this
new music video by them self .  This video has been
made by girls. Girls are doing same things in this new
video like original music video..... All girls are doing
same action, styles, acting and all things in this video.
They are enjoying during this music video.They got
lot of entertainment in making  of this "Call Me Maybe" new version......

I think this video is same as compare to original video.
All girls of this video looking very excited after making 
this new version. They gave evidence, that they are true 

And some days ago Justin Bieber made this original
music video "Call Me Maybe" with Selena Gomez,
Ashley Tisdole, Alfredo flores, Kendall Schmidt, James 
Maslow, Carlos Pena, Logan Henderson.

If you want to see this original video, Then Click Here

Now here we uploading this new version....
Check out this new version video below....

Now what will you say about this new version...?
Do you like this new version....?

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