Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Who is Cutest Celebrity Pets? Vote for Justin Bieber's PAC! finding the Best Cutest Celebrity Pets. And we already know that
Justin Bieber has given his cutest PAC Hamster to lucky fan (Victoria McClure).
He is no longer in Justin Bieber's care. with Justin's feeling we can understand
that PAC is still belongs in Justin's heart. That's why Justin's PAC Hamster also 
nominated in's Cutest Celebrity Pets.

The other nominees for Cutest Celebrity Pets are: Taylor Swift's Meredith, 
Katy Perry's Kitty Purry, Selena Gomez's Baylor, Joe Jonas's Winston, 
Miley Cyrus's Bean, Zayn’s Hatchi and many more.

Being a Beliebers its a our duty that we will give vote for Justin Bieber's PAC hamster.
And hope that PAC hamster wins this award. The Vinner will be announced 
on Monday, January 14. Click here to Vote

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