Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Alondra: I Met Justin Bieber at Mayweather Cotto Fight

Alondra, who is a Justin Bieber's fan. She met Justin Bieber at Mayweather Cotto
after facing many problem for meeting him. finally she met him, then she is so excited.
She described her expression after this photo, Check out her excitement in her story.  

                    From Alondra:

It all started in the MGM hotel. I was walking to my room with some guys that 
work in HBO, they all know that i’m a huge Belieber. They told me that Justin 
Bieber was gonna be  at the fight but i didn’t believe them.  I got dressed and 
everything.We got to the fight and some guy behind me said that he just took 
 picture with Justin and he showed me the picture.I got up with my big brother 
quick. I was on my way to the back were the fighters are waiting. I suddenly see 
Kenny and Alfredo. My face was priceless,Kenny came up to me, shaked my 
hand and said hi. I was so shocked and i just keeped walking and i see Justin.
My face was even more priceless. I could not speak. We took the picture and 
he walked away and i just started to cry and i hugged my uncle. I was on my 
way back to the  seats and i see Justin buying some food.My other uncle was 
right there and  i told him everything and Justin walked by and laughed. I was 
so happy i mean , i am happy. I’m so thankful because i have waited years for 
this and i finally got my dream. I wanted to tell him how much  i love him and 
that he shouldn’t thanks his fans he should thank his beliebers. I wanted to hug 
him and touch his hair, he’ll think i’m weird so i didn’t. I tought he’ll look different. 
It’s not the same looking at someone in pictures and videos than in real life. I’m 
so happy that i met him.I hope he goes to Puerto Rico to do a concert.I hope to 
meet him again and that he remembers me.

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