Sunday, 6 May 2012

Justin Bieber's "BOYFRIEND" Most Viewed Video in 24 Hours, & Beating Rihanna's Record of "Where Have You Been"

Justin Bieber collected Five (5+) millions views on his latest music video of "Boyfriend" in just 24 hours.
When this music video way out on youtube. Watch Here:

After getting five 95+0 millions views on Boyfriend. Justin Bieber surprised to Rihanna, because last time
Rihanna made most viewed record with her single "Where Have You Been". She was got 4.9 millions 
views on her music video in 24 hours and created highest record.

       VEVO tweeted about it:

“WOW. Considering 24hrs haven’t even passed and @JustinBieber’s #BOYFRIEND
video is already over 5M, it’s safe to say the new record is his!

“@justinbieber Beliebers killin’ it right now. #BoyfriendBrokeTheRecord Congrats, 
man! #BoyfriendBrokeTheRecord is the #1 TT WORLDWIDE y’all!”

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