Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Justin Bieber Blamed of Assault Battery By Paparazzi

Justin Bieber accused of criminal battery be the paparazzi.

About this story:“The paps were blocking his car and would not move, 
He got mad after asking them to move, Justin Bieber tried to knock their 
camera, the pap and Justin Bieber both fell off the curb, he lost his shoe 
and hat while fighting him, Selena Gomez and Justin left and came back 
because Selena lost her phone, and the paps would not get out of her face, 
and then they left and now the paps are trying to get money from the whole 
thing and to clear the rumors. Justin Bieber did not throw his shoe, and the 
paps were not insulting selena. they were in the way and would not let them 
leave.” - (source)

Some Photos of the paparazzi being attended by the police. By the way 
we can confirm that he was bullshitting to take advantage of the situation.
 We all could appreciate he was looking alright after Justin Bieber and 
his girlfriend Selena Gomez left.

Are you worried about Justin Bieber???


  1. this is totally gey jb clearly didnt do this all on perpuse it was an acsident but nooo the poparazzie had to turn the whole thing in to a big lie just to get jb in trouble? its not his falt u wouldent get out of his face and ur clumsy butt fell on the ground im sure if he had ment to hit u ur face would look way worse but jb is to sweet and to nice to hert anyone that is a fan any way never said any thing about the poparazzie!!!!! =) i love youy jb~!

    1. Thank you for clearing that out for evybody!!! Yea guys he's not cruel and evil his kind and sweet to the bottom of his heart!!!