Monday, 21 May 2012

Justin Bieber Invites to Lucky Fan "Cady" in The Billboard Awards

Justin Bieber inviting his lucky fan "Cady" at the Billboard Music Awards 2012 on 
May 20, 2012.

Cady Eimer is a Belieber belong in small town at Virginia. She was actually met 
with Justin Bieber in twice, once in Greensboro NC, and then again in Norfolk, 
Virginia  during a sound check.  She made a website 
hoping that  Justin Bieber will take her to  high school prom. She is a so lucky 
Belieber in Belieber's history.

With the help of this video check out Justin Bieber's invitation for Cady....(above)

Justin Bieber tweeted:
“tired but up for rehearsal for the BILLBOARD AWARDS tonight. 
@cadyeimer see you soon :)) ”

Check out Cady Eimer's reaction, When her name was called for Best Fan of Justin:

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